July 25, 2014

Pass the Buck

Trying to make every day an adventure is a severe wallet bleed to say the least.  I have tried to alternate the grand adventures with some faux grand adventures and have been surprised how much fun we have had for about a dollar a head.

Our dollar days have included. . .

Ferris wheel fun.  Awesome mega outdoor sporting goods store here with a centerpiece of a massive Ferris wheel in the middle of the store.  $1 a ride - we may have done this more than once.

Pioneer Day Concert with my older girlies and grandma.  Free tickets, second row to see Santino Fontana, who is the voice of Hans in Frozen, sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Concert. Love me some good organ playin'.

Sodalicious.  A shop whose entire menu consists of nothing but soda and cookies.  Brilliant restaurant model.  Even more shocking is that it isn't the only shop like that in town. Soda mixology is a serious science out here apparently. My fav -- the "I'll Have What She's Having" which is a mix of 7up, blood orange, watermelon, cherry and strawberry.  It should really be served with a little umbrella on top.

Dollar movie theater.  Even Bridger sat through it.  Or, should I say, paid attention to it.  I still had the full body wrestle going on with him as he insisted on switching from his chair to my lap, then movie seat, back to lap, lap facing forward then backward, then back to chair. . . repeat, all throughout the movie.  All of that dizzying movement was interjected by a few throws of his rainbow stick that he had to hold the entire movie which makes for some strenuous lunges to pick that up as I held him.  Some lucky throws allowed me to still be in reach of picking it up with my toes.  I got mad toe skills.

More splash pads.  We can't get enough.  Most accessible thing there is here in Utah.

Bean Science Museum.  Really, it should more appropriately be called the Museum of Taxidermy art.  Oh, how we are such Smithsonian snobs.  But you can't complain when it is free, right? Kids breezed through it in less than 20 minutes.  The crack up here was not from a kid - but from Ty.  His nose was going hard and he was practically tiptoeing through the museum.  He was so nervous.  I guess dead stuffed variations of all of your animal kingdom friends does not make for a comfortable setting!  I thought he was about to throw up when I made him pose in front of a half dozen taxidermied lions.  Isn't his body language just oozing through this photo?

Service!  Service always can come cheap and is available anywhere you go!  Lance spent the afternoon hanging posters advertising a charity event for the Now I Can foundation and giving their therapy toys a good cleaning.

Free slurpees on 7/11 consumed on a picturesque drive through the canyon.  Away from people, away from noise . . . ahhhh.

All of the money we saved in our Dollar Days o' Fun helped to pay for our maaaaasive van repair we had out here, followed by the ac going out.  Hundred degree heat and no ac in the van does not a happy mom make.  $1 snow cones served as our onboard ac system just to make it through the day.  Ugh. just focusing on the fun. . . just focusing on the fun. . . Van is back, fully operational and I am so glad we worked out those kinks before we hit the long and winding road home in a couple days.  A couple days!!!  Did you hear that?  We are coming to the end of our month of adventure.  I am ecstatic to see the finish line, but I am still enjoying the run!