July 31, 2014

Sing for your Supper

Every good western road trip needs a chuck wagon dinner.  We started out with a shoot out at the corral and then boarded the wagons for an evening of barbecue and entertainment under the big Idaho sky.

It was a gorgeous evening and it was a welcome relief to get out of the van where Bridger had been screaming for the past couple hours and spread out on the beautiful Mountain River Ranch.

We are not singers.  That didn't matter.  We really had to sing for our supper.  The singing did Bridger in, so I had to excuse myself with him and not get my supper - or at least, not until he calmed down.

We enjoyed a dutch oven dinner while we took in some fun entertainment.  I was ready with the earphones, ipad and towel that I had at the rodeo, but Bridger didn't need it.  Mr. B was ready for a hoedown!  He was clapping in rhythm along with the banjo and bass and shouting excitedly when each song finished.  What a welcome relief - we ALL got to enjoy this one!  Even the 12 year old! When we do an activity that thoroughly amuses the 12 year old, Bridger, a little 5 year old and everything in between - then I declare we got our money's worth for sure.

You know why Evie's face is a little distant from the circumference of the hole here?  It is because she got her face stuck in it the first time.  Yeah, good times here.  Good times.

When the band finished their last song and we were waiting for our wagon ride home I met a couple of the entertainers - the fiddle and bass player.  They had been so kind to Bridger during our experience on the ranch and come to find out - they both have nephews with special needs.  It doesn't surprise me but goes to reinforce my experience that when you have a side of special in your life, you are changed.  It changes what you see, it changes how you interact with and treat people.  I enjoy lovely conversations with beautiful people that have been changed in this way.

We drove 30 minutes back to our hotel in the dark of night in a completely quiet van full of tired children.  That was a pretty wonderful part of the trip too.