July 07, 2014

The Last Leg

Our final stop on our trek westward -- Zion National Park and a fun nearby resort.  The kids thought it was exciting to trade our Marriott's for a sleep over in a cowboy cabin.

We discovered that road weariness can be erased with a dip in a fun pool.

We discovered that pent up travel aggression can be eliminated by throwing the siblings behind their own wheel on a dirt track.

No blood was shed and they are friends once again.

We discovered that the view turns from barely tolerable to completely enjoyable for a toddler when you eliminate the windows and exchange 4 wheels for 4 hooves.

This wasn't your kiddie 'round the rink pony ride.  They saddled my two little peeps up and took them on a bonafide trail ride.  They felt so grownup.  Ty followed like a well trained trail horse.

back at the hitchin'post
We all took a deep breath, did one last stretch of our legs and buckled ourselves back into the van for the final stretch.  The last leg of trip seemed like the l..o..n..g..e..s..t... I was done. Cooked.  Fried.

The final 6 [felt like 12] hours of driving were finally over and we pulled into our oasis in the desert hotel and peeled our tired, weary, travel sore, exhausted bodies out and kissed the ground.

We have ARRIVED!