July 16, 2014

Work Hard

In case you are wondering how Bridger is fairing with four hours of intensive physical therapy every day -- he is a champ!  This is hard work for him!  In the beginning I called his therapy "Walking Camp" to make it sound fun and desirable.  He only fell for that the first day and the second day he protested, "I NO GO Walking Camp!"

He isn't excited to go but he quickly changes his attitude.  I don't think I could do it.  I can barely stay upright through an hour with a personal trainer let alone four hours of hard work like he is doing.

His little body is giving it all that he has and he is staying positive and happy through it all.  At one point he just couldn't do anymore and so he fell asleep right during the middle of the physical therapy.  Did he even get a break then?  Nope.  The therapists just shifted into some stretches and worked his little muscles even while he was taking a nap.

And while the cat is away, the mice play.  Although, we have to be extremely secretive about our playtime intentions.  On the days Bridger senses he is missing out on some activity we have planned while he is at therapy, he goes ballistic.  He was a little suspicious when we all had our swimsuits and cover ups on when we dropped him at "Walking Camp" one day.  We all had the same consistent story when he asked each of us about our clothing selection as we each said that we were just wearing our swimsuits because we were hot.  I think he saw through us.

I am super proud of him.  This is no cake walk.  This is physical therapy boot camp and Bridger is working hard and is earning his stripes.

When the day is over he gets proud hugs from his buddy, Mr. T.  There is no better way to wrap up a hard day than to kick back on your big furry pillow and watch tv.