September 30, 2014

Favorite Thing

I thought we were about do for a little commercial break
 from the regularly scheduled blog
 to bring you another little introduction of my latest favorite thing. . .

Have I walked past you lately?  Did you inhale deeply as I did and think, "Wowza, she smells good!"

Don't answer that question.

But if so, it is because of this. . .

My newest favoritest thing eVeR!  I have never been a big perfume-y kind of girl.  I get a signature bottle every now and then, wear it twice and then it goes to the perfume graveyard in the bottom drawer of my bathroom vanity.  When you are barely getting to brushing your teeth and your entire makeup routine is forced to be done in 90 seconds or less, it makes perfume feel a little overkill -- kind of like wearing diamond earrings while grooving it in your 3 year old Walmart mom jeans.  They just don't sync. {insert I love my 3 year old Walmart mom jeans.} 

But this little joy goes with every outfit, even my favorite capri sweats, t-shirt and chapstick look.  (Think what you may - my cupboard has no room for fashion plates.)  My little Hawaiian Ruby Guava stick is not overwhelming and hardly noticeable - but I notice it and it just makes me feel a little more put together.  On those nights when I have gotten all of 45 minutes of sleep because I have been caring for a sick Bridger for the 10th night in a row -- I need all the put-togetherness I can muster!

Go ahead, go out to Ulta and treat yourself to a little perfume stick and see if it doesn't just put a little bounce in your step every day.  Next time I walk past you, take a deep inhale - you will like me even more. . . unless I am walking past in my tennis skirt with racquet in hand -- just hold your breath then.

 Life is powered by simple pleasures and this is one of mine!