December 30, 2014

That's What Friends Are For

Spontaneous trips with moms and kids. . .

That's what friends are for.

The winter wiggles were building up and a reprieve was necessary.

So my friend and I decided to whisk our kids away and to go do dishes, change diapers, slap together sandwiches, and oversee teeth brushing someplace else - at the cabin.  What is it about doing the humdrum of daily life in a different location that makes it so much more fun?  We try to convince our husbands, still spending their day in their offices, that we are still working very, very hard.  Really.

Bridger was so excited for the getaway because my friend's littlest daughter is his bestie.

Lovins' and cuddlins'. . .

That's what friends are for.

Playing games by the fire, eating Lucky Charms in bed, target shooting with bb guns in the dark, riding the atv and romping through the woods on an early morning hike wearing blaze orange hats as you create new creek patterns with the rocks until your fingers freeze off. . .

That's what friends are for.

Cleaning up Bridger's morning vomit while I go clean up Bridger. . .

{Missing the picture for that one.  You are welcome.}

That is not what friends are for.

That is what amazing, awesome, kind people are for and I am grateful I have a friend with those special qualities in my life too!

Good times and good friends - my favorite combination!