January 15, 2015

Dear Vermont, Rhode Island, Alaska and North Dakota. . .

Anyone home??

I have a little blogger fantasy.

It is to have one single post read by every state.  I consistently get 46 per post.

I have some fancy schmancy analytics connected with my blog that I had attached, originally, for security purposes which tracks various aspects of my blog and now it has led me to have a little obsession about seeing the U.S. map covered in a single post.  I've got the continents covered -- well, that is except Antarctica, which I am not really sure if anyone is really home there.  So I have limited my goal to the states.

Maybe it is payback since those are 4 of the 7 states I haven't visited yet either. Alaska, you are next on my bucket list - I promise!

Readers, if you have any friends in those states, just humor me send them a link to my blog. They don't have to read a darn thing and can close out as soon as they open it.

So here is my official shout out to Vermont, Rhode Island, Alaska and North Dakota. . .

Will you be my friend?  Just this once?

Yours truly, 

Ms. Analytically Fixated

**1/17/15 update - Thank you blog readers!  My plea worked. . . almost.  I am beginning to think that no one really lives in North Dakota.  I'll be content with 49 out of 50!