January 07, 2015

Do You Have a Big Head?

Do you have a big head? Are you over 6 1/2 feet tall?  Are you furry?  Preferably with a tail?

If so, Bridger will go completely crazy bananas for you!

That is how he reacts to every single oversized mascot he sees.  We thought it was a reaction uniquely brought on by Mickey Mouse, but have discovered that any oversized character will elicit such a reaction.

His latest spastic explosion of excitement -- Geoffrey the Toys "R" Us giraffe.  Going to a store is an exciting event for Bridger.  Going to Toys "R" Us makes Bridger a roaring giddy. Add to that excitement walking through those automatic doors and seeing a ginormous nonverbal giraffe?!?  Wowza, steady the wheelchair, because life got rockin'!

Sometimes, I love that Bridger doesn't have a filter for his emotions. And sometimes I don't.

If you or I were disappointed that we couldn't find something, or if we have to wake up earlier than we wanted to, we have emotions about those situations that we are holding back.  We would sigh or grunt, perhaps be a bit grumpy for a couple hours.  Bridger, on the other hand, lets his feelings on those disappointments be fully manifest. Those are the times that I don't care for his lack of filter.  

Conversely, think of those times that you go to the local froyo shop and see they are serving your favorite flavor.  You may just say a quiet, "oh yummy", but really you are thinking inside, "OH Yeah OH YEAH!" Or, when you score a great parking space at Costco on Saturday and all you offer is a half smile of satisfaction, when you might otherwise be doing a Happy Dance, that is, if you didn't have a filter.

Bridger is missing that emotional filter.  If there is a disappointment to be felt, he will express it in every way outwardly - even for the most minor ones. Like not getting another sausage link like he was hoping, or the missing piece of green scrap paper he thought was in his backpack.  Sobs, flailing, screaming, sadly banging his head, and, of course, the signature vomit. So. very. devastating. 

Conversely, if there is anything that would generate a subtle smile from you or I. . . well, from Bridger that would ignite the firing of every muscle fiber in his being.  Seeing the sign for WalMart - that gets some fierce shouts of excitement!  Fitting a piece in the puzzle -- you would by his reaction that he just won the lottery!  A beautiful hymn performed in church to a reverent congregation - applause and cheers from Bridger after it is through!  Learning that it is Saturday and that he doesn't have to go to school - shouts of cheers and loud "TANK YOU MOM!" for fifteen minutes!

That is the part that I love.  I love observing through his authentic, unreserved display of emotion, how much there is to be excited about.

Because of that, walking in Toys "R" Us and seeing a big headed, two legged giraffe made me completely ecstatic too!