January 26, 2015

I Will Eat them in a Box

We had an amazing gift presented to us by some friends.  My kids could not stop touching them, absolutely fascinated.


A green egg.

In fact, a whole basket of green eggs, mixed with some beautiful brown ones.

Never one to miss an opportunity (especially considering I am a little desperate for some novelty in our cooped up, cabin fever state) my dinner menu for the night immediately came to mind.

I summoned my inner Dr. Seuss and cubed up some leftover ham we had in the fridge and made ourselves a yummy green eggs and ham.

Over dinner I had a little story time.

Poor little child #last had never even heard that story before.  Whah? {insert motherhood failing} Who knew that dinner would prove to be the necessary motivation to turn my little 5 year old into a full-fledged reader?  She has been carrying that Green Eggs and Ham book around with her for a solid week reading me a page or two every time I turn around and in the evening she reads it to me every night as her bedtime story.

A simple green egg gift turned into so much more.

"I will eat them here and there.
Say! I will eat them everywhere!"