January 08, 2015


What's one to do on a rainy, cold Saturday afternoon when you have Winter Break burnout?

Get in the car and find a cure.

This past weekend we hauled everyone to the Planetarium at Rock Creek Park for a star gazing presentation.

It is run by the National Park Service.  Which means it is free.  Which is reason #246 that I love living just outside of Washington D.C.

Every time a new planet lit up on the projector -- "whisper shouts" of excitement came out of Bridger (you know when someone tries to whisper but it still comes out at 80 decibels.)

The older kids all learned something, the younger kids had their attention held.  Rainy day winner.

On the way home we stopped by 7-11 to surprise them with some Slurpees - and, to make it an even more exciting day, everyone got their own and didn't have to share!  I know, how CrAzY WiLd are we?  My kids, so accustomed to having to share one Slurpee as a treat, think it is the greatest day ever if they get their own cup to hold.  Please, no one tell them that there is something different in life.  We are teaching the principles of Simple Pleasures.

Bridger enjoyed a treat of a jug of milk with a straw.  I remember all too clearly that time he told me he wanted a Slurpee like everyone else.  I let him try it and his immediate reaction was to vomit.  In 7-11.  Nice.  Not falling for that again.  Milk with a green straw spoon was his treat.

With that last outing we all raised our glass [cups/jug] and gave a toast to closing the book on Winter Break.

Loved having them home.  Really loved them going back to school too.  Not gonna lie.