January 28, 2015

Tyrone's Tale

Ty, the name most people know him by, is Bridger's service dog.

His officially regal name is Tyrone II.

Bridger immediately shortened that into something he could pronounce - Ty.

His regal name might be more fitting for him now that he is going to be the star of his own book!

It became official as I saw this announcement by the author on the Tell Me Town Facebook feed. . .

Tell Me Town is the fictitious town, with its accompanying website, where Beamer resides.  Beamer is the main character in the Beamer Book Series that I mentioned in my post yesterday that is going to be publishing his encounter with our family in an upcoming book to come out of publishing in April.  After meeting Bridger, Tell Me Town is also going to be going under a massive renovation, and the town is going to be made accessible and "special needs" friendly in every way!

When the author, Ms. Chambers, came to our house for each interview for her book about a family with a child with special needs, she fell more in love with Ty each visit. Beamer is a therapy dog, Ty is a service dog - they are different titles with very different responsibilities.  She has always wanted to have her Beamer character meet a service dog and introduce the differences and roles of a service dog in a children's book.  A book about Ty, the Service Dog, will soon hit the drafting desk!

Ty presented himself as the perfect opportunity for such a story and the author has officially welcomed Ty to Tell Me Town.

Tyrone II will have his very own biography!  That is a story that I could never tire of reading!

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