February 19, 2015

Calling All the Single Ladies

Take a number and line up because. . .

Mr. Dapper is in the house!

Last weekend Bridger was crowned Prom King, along with dozens of other beautifully special children at Jill's House, Night To Shine, sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation.

It is Jill's House annual prom, an event celebrating the beautiful children that they serve.

Bridger had never attended this event before, and he had no idea what to expect. Nor did I.

But the minute we pulled up to the valet service and saw the red carpet and "paparazzi" waiting his arrival, I knew we were in for a treat!

After he received his crown and sash we hit the dance floor and the ladies came a flockin'.

They were all of the wonderful staff and volunteers at Jill's House, all gussied up for the night.  He cut a rug out on the dance floor with his beauties, but his favorite dance partner was mom.

When "Let it Go" came blasting out of the speakers I knew that it was a dance that needed the wheelchair to be left behind.  I lifted him out of his chair and we danced and sang, spun and dipped.

That dance catapulted my thighs into a 24 hour burn after that and I could not lift my arms above my head the next day.  Who knew what a workout it is to dance while holding a 70 pound non ambulatory child?!

After he had performed all his moves on the dance floor he hit the photo booth for some snaps.  There may or may not have been some lip action in that booth.  A boy doesn't kiss and tell.

He took a brief escape from the party to go have himself a limo ride.  I laughed during the whole ride with him.  It was dark, he couldn't see - and for all he knew, he was in a strange car that was leaving the party.  He was making it very clear to me during the brief ride that he had every intention of returning to the party and that the limo was not taking him home.

We have never stayed at an event from beginning until end.  Bridger doesn't make it -- and often, WE don't make it.  Sometimes we just feel so out of place and the challenges are so constant that the pain of being out in public settings outweighs whatever benefit there may be.  

At the Night To Shine there were parents chasing their child across the dance floor as the child did the expected/but yet unexpected bolt to the parking lot.  

There wasn't any staring or gawking at such scenes.

There was a big bowl of goldfish crackers positioned between all of the fancier desserts.

How blessedly thoughtful and accommodating.

There were children {mine} messing up the meticulous decorations without a second glance of concern from anyone there that had gone to great lengths to set up the event.

What comfort this brought.

There was not an impatient glance from the long line as Bridger took forever to get in and out of the photo booth - all eight times.

The company surrounding us knew there were far more important things to give thought to.

Alan and I made it a date for us as well as we enjoyed holding hands in the chairs lining the walls as we watched our boy shine.  We commented how incredibly comfortable and happy we were.  Rarely can we go out into public and not worry about the disturbances, obstacles and challenges that we face as we do so.

This was an evening to relax and celebrate Bridger and all of his peers of Jill's House as we basked in their light.

Indeed, they shined!!!

Check out CBN's national news spot on the event. . . and spy yourself a dapper little man in the beginning of the segment rolling down the red carpet!