February 05, 2015

How Do You?

How do you relax when all you know is stress?

We figured it out.

How do you act carefree when every minute of your life is accounted for by someone else's demands?

We solved that problem.

How do you make your body sleep when it is programmed to always be awake and on alert?

Didn't seem to pose an issue.

How do you find your laugh lines when your worry lines are so very overly pronounced?

They magically appeared.

How do you fill your time when you aren't used to having any for yourself?

We found a way.

These two other special moms and I appreciate laughter more - because we experience too many reasons for tears.  We savor moments to relax - because we live constant stress.  We appreciate empathetic conversation - because we rarely have it.  We relish each other's company - because the special life often finds us alone.  We find more reason to enjoy the most simple pleasures - because those are the little pearls we hope to find lurking somewhere in our grueling and exhausting daily routines.

The first annual sorority meeting of the Special Moms of Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation Type 1a San Antonio edition is a wrap - and what a lovely meeting it was!

For the record, I don't want to see another bowl of guacamole for a very long time.