February 25, 2015

My Biggest Fear

Between my 5 kids and all that goes with them to achieve an education, my mom mind is fried.

"You need something signed? By last week? Where is it? Who needs their violin today? Is it an A day or a B day? Gym uniform washed this weekend you say? Too bad it is now Monday and you are late for the bus - wear it and be smelly.  Class party money? Here it is in dimes and nickels, all $5 of it. Library book - I haven't seen it, I told you to stop bringing those things home! Bridger ate your homework - literally?  Sorry honey, just tell the teacher, she will understand. I don't know where the scientific calculator is - just figure it out in your head - that is how Pythagoras did it. Run out to the bus stop - HURRY! Why are you back from the bus stop? What? It is a teacher workday? Oh. Why, it is.  Yes, you can just put on those mismatched gloves and be glad you are warm - I only buy 45 pairs each winter and you all have successfully managed to lose a single glove of each pair so tough luck. Poster due tomorrow? Ugh, we'll get to it in the morning. Tardy again - oh well, we will still get into college."

That is my daily dialogue - to myself.  Because I am pretty sure no one is listening.

School exhausts me.  Don't get me wrong, I love our school and especially love our wonderful teachers - but that extra *stuff* wipes me out.

Stuff like Pajama Day.  Is there a special prize for the mom that sends her kid to school in pajamas thinking it is Pajama Day, only to be nonchalantly told by the child when they arrive home that it wasn't Pajama Day?  I win that prize.  I can barely get my kids out the door with homework, folders, forms, wheelchair attachments and other "special" equipment, lunches and appropriate winter apparel.   Can we please put the kabosh on crazy hair days, stuffed animal days, spirit days, hat days, wacky sock days, character days, pajama days, etc?

That was what today was - a day of that extra *stuff*.

Or, at least, I hope today was.

Because THAT is my biggest fear - sending my kids off in some whackadoodle attire only to find out that my schedule is misaligned with the teachers.

Today was the 100th day of school - I think.  Eliza was supposed to dress up and go to school today looking like she is 100 years old - I think.  It takes serious concentration to disregard the 15 notices I had of such.

After I sent this cute little 100 year old lady off to school, I had a brief panic.  What if I got my dates mixed up??  Yipes, her satisfaction with her white floured bun might be short lived.

I love me a good education with a great teacher.  That's all.  Clearly the 23 consecutive days of -2 deg temperatures are affecting my mood.  I'll stop being the killjoy to all of the enthusiasm surrounding such "academic" energy and end my rant now, because I have a trail of flour to go clean up off my floor that leads out the door to the bus stop.

With all that said, you still couldn't pay me to homeschool.