March 13, 2015

Back in Business

Love. Hate. Love. Hate. Love. Hate. Love. Hate. Love. Hate. Love. Hate. Love. Hate. 

That about summarizes my relationship with my big black beastly buggy.

I was out with Lance the other day in my "little zippy" car (still seats 8 - "little" is a relative word) and as we pulled into a parking lot and swiftly pulled into the first open parking space we saw he couldn't help but remark, "Wow, that was sure easy.  Usually we have to drive around for 20 minutes to find a parking space we can fit in." (referring to when I don't have Bridger with me and therefore don't have the convenience of a handicap parking space to park our humongo van in.)

That would be an example of Hate.  But those traumatic parking experiences are always followed by a Love, so it balances.

This winter we have been a bit out of balance.  Wheelchairs and snow don't mix, nor do big extended vans and ice.  Add to that the broken 32" high dev tv (that is usually a huge Love that makes the accomplishment of any errand possible with Bridger) and that would be the combined reason that the van has been spending a bit of time in a cold slumber in our driveway.

I am proud to announce that with the snow gone and an successful appointment with the audio/video shop this last week that our big black beast is back in business!

We celebrated its post-winter rebirth with a voyage to get some ice cream with the kids.  Since going inside stores is rarely a pleasant experience, the kids enjoyed their ice cream with a Tom and Jerry movie party in the back while mom and dad slowly ate our ice cream and talked about our day together in the front seat.   

And it is nothing but Love Love Love!

I have missed that thing.  And I will think such positive thoughts until I have to drive to Costco tomorrow, a Saturday, without Bridger in tow, and find a parking space.  Then the emotional cycle will resume. 

Hug tight to your yellow lines folks - my mom bus is back on the road!