March 04, 2015


Her name is Tara.

She is the pharmacist at Walgreens.

When I pull in the drive thru we instantly launch into conversation like old friends.

She tells me that she misses me when she hasn't seen me for a week.

We chat about her pregnancy and birth of her first child.  I always ask about his latest development and sleeping schedule.  Golly, he is growing like a weed!

She always compliments when I have a new hair-do (i.e.  I showered).

She notices when we are all dressed up and comments on our attire. I roll down the window behind me and she will make a fuss over Bridger's cuteness.

I bring the whole family by every now and then.  They are excited to greet her too.  She knows them all by name.

I guess when you spend thousands of dollars each month at the pharmacy at Walgreens they give you the red carpet treatment.

She's got my back.

When the insurance company is giving us grief and denying a life sustaining medication for the 8th consecutive month that Bridger has been taking for 8 consecutive years, Tara goes to bat for us and fights the same redundant fight with United Healthcare the insurance company.

Pretty sure we are going to exchange Christmas gifts next year.

She is my bestie alright.

Everyone needs a Tara in their life.