May 19, 2015

Quiet on the Set

Recently, I had a little taste of Hollywood.

Jill's House, Bridger's respite lodge, wanted to make a feature video about our family to promote the book soon to be released in which our family members are the featured characters.

We had hours of footage taken of us, a camera following me around, microphones hung just above our foreheads and some bright lights on either side of our faces with the instructions to "just relax and act natural".

It was an interesting interview and many of the unexpected, awkward, embarrassing, tender and beautiful experiences in our special journey were shared.  The most interesting part was listening to my children be interviewed and what they said.  Most of the footage will forever be housed in the Hollywood vaults labeled "deleted scenes".  

All of those hours of filming had to be condensed down into a 4 minute production.  I think the production team did a beautiful job capturing our journey in a just a few sound bites.

Here is your sneak peak into our Life with a Side of Special. . .