May 30, 2015

The Mice Play

Those crazy cats were away last weekend, so the mice played.

Oh, how I love being the mice!

Alan took Bridger away last weekend for his special birthday getaway and Lance accompanied to be an extra helper (and to be part of the fun)  More on that tomorrow.

So the girls left at home played!

Having the home be a place of peace and quiet is a rare treat and we wanted to savor every minute of that.  We started off by cleaning the house. . . . because, everyone knows that is how you really kick off a great party, right? (at least I do and am trying to convince my girls as well)  I had bought a couple fun new card games at the hobby shop that day so after the girls and I finished our cleaning we had ourselves a relaxing and hysterical game night.  Adding a 5 year old player to any game not intended for an under 10 population always adds the hysterical element.   After we finished playing I tucked Eliza into bed and the older two and I cuddled in my bed and watched Shark Tank.  We are all addicted.

We slept in until 8:00 the next morning.  Hello, luxury.  We did some morning service projects for Alan's birthday on Monday by doing a super duty cleaning of his car and organizing his den.  Evie then went to the American Girl store with a friend to celebrate her friend's birthday while Sadie and Eliza packed up a picnic lunch, pumped up our tires and went for a bike ride.   This was my first time biking with Eliza attached on the one wheel tandem bike.  Usually, I am just pulling a flat, steady and heavy loaded trailer with Bridger aboard.  The one wheel tandem with Eliza made me fear for my life.  Every time Eliza would throw her weight to the right or left as she enthusiastically pedaled my whole center of gravity would be thrown and my core would panic and self-correct -- every single pedal rotation.  This made for a very long few miles of biking.

We finally arrived at our picnic spot and enjoyed the carbo-liciousness that Eliza had lovingly packed.

We rode home, grabbed Evie and then drove off for our next adventure.

I had booked us a Mommy/Daughter cooking slot at Dinners Done -- one of those self assembly dinner kitchens.  My girls love to cook - especially Sadie who wants to be a chef when she grows up.  She has the most refined palate of anyone I have ever met (but won't eat that darn baked ziti).  Sadie was over the moon.

We donned our aprons and I gave the girls our requested menus and off they went to the stations to prepare our meals.  No help needed!  Even Eliza could hold her own.  Midway through the experience, Sadie came over to me with her noodle body way of expressing her absolute thrill and just exclaimed, "THIS is a MUST DO AGAIN!"

We sipped some soda and had some finger treats and packed up our basket of 12 deliciously healthy meals and capped off our evening over dinner at Cafe Rio.  It was the most gorgeous evening for dining outside and we lingered long with unhurried contentment.

The next morning we were way too lazy and had to scramble to get to church on time.  It was nice to enjoy the service and actually hear it.  I usually can't tell you more than 5 words that might have been said when Bridger is by my side on our other Sundays.

After church the party ended.  We knew we had to scramble to get the house cleaned up and dinner ready for the boys return.  When Bridger is home, life and all its good intentions comes to a halt.  The cats came home and we closed the door to our little mouse hole until next time.

The girls are still talking about last weekend.  I am too.  I adore my daughters more than blog words can express.  For all those ways that motherhood didn't quite turn out like I thought it would, it is countered by my relationship with my daughters - which is more wonderful than I dreamed it could ever be.