June 03, 2015

Love - Love


Not the emotion.

The scoring kind.

I love it.

I have received many a stress lecture from my doctors and others that are aware of my daily responsibilities caring for a child with special needs.

"Take time for yourself!"

"Find a hobby!"

"Do some yoga!"

blah blah blah.

I have heard lots of recommendations to de-stress.  One particular doctor, knowing the specifics of what my life involves, knew better than to suggest any alternative -- knowing that every possible suggestion would be impractical, if not impossible.  She just sympathetically told me to "hang in there".

When you are faced with this weight for decades to come - if not for the rest of your life, just enduring, pushing through and "hanging in there" are not going to cut it if one hopes to survive.

You have to find an outlet.

Tennis is mine.

Today I managed to push all my doctor's appointments and other to-do's off my afternoon and step out from behind the wheelchair and onto the court to play for 4 hours straight today.

It felt absolutely luxurious.

I can't move my legs right now.

But I love it.