July 10, 2015

Muscle Through It

55 pound chair.

82 pound boy.

94 degrees.

85% humidity.

Recipe for death I tell you.

With Bridger's growing size body and growing size chair, our existing accessible van was no longer accessible.  In preparation to sell it, we removed the wheelchair lift and remounted the power sofa in the rear - which has made it ultra-inaccessible and restricted me to my little (but hardly little) Chevy as a daily driver.  For the past month I have been performing the circus-worthy feat of lifting his chair up and into the back of my Chevy while rotating it in the air to slide it sideways and bounce it back far enough to achieve clearance to shut the tailgate.  That performed only after I lift the 82 pound boy with his 40 pound (feels that way) cast into the car placing him limb by limb into the back seat.

I am not going to miss that.

I head out in a few hours on a great adventure.  Operation "Bye Bye Van".  I am driving across country to drop off my van at a dealer as a trade where I purchased our new soon-to-be-accessible van from that will be shipped to us some time not soon enough.

Alan is staying home to work and man Fort Bridger and Sir Ty, along with the help of our trusty caregiver.  By night fall I will be somewhere in the middle of Indiana with four little side-kicks in tow.

I have some amazing adventure planned.  You should know me well enough by now.

Stay tuned.

I hope my muscles don't go soft with this decadent break from my daily weight lifting routine.