July 09, 2015

The Up's and Down's

We have had our share of up's and down's this summer.

A crazy day at the amusement park proved to be one of the most relaxing days we have had in a long time.

It was wonderful!

With Bridger enjoying a fun day-long date with his sweet caregiver, Alan and I took the kids to King's Dominion for the day!  We dared to embark on the next stage of parenting called "fostering independence".  With our older kids being of appropriate age and having grown a sensible enough brain, we gave them a phone, $20 and a time to meet back up later on in the afternoon.  Lance informed us that was "very good parenting" and took off with his friend, Evie and Sadie and the four of them had an absolute blast.  This strategic move also allowed Alan and I to escape the requisite rides of those mega coasters that we have to go on when we accompany our kids.  I just can't handle those kinds of ups and downs anymore.

Alan and I sat on a bench and watched Eliza as she scampered from kiddie ride to kiddie ride to her heart's content.  There was not a brother with his associated needs and demands to slow her down or detract from her fun in any way and she glorified in that complete attention.

The ride that cracked me up the most was her Snoopy Driving School.  Instructed to stop at red lights, she then would stop in the middle of the road when she saw a red light, any red light, no matter how far away she was from the intersection.  It made for slow progress on the road for her.

Somehow Alan drew the short straw and had to go on this ride with her.  I think he knows that he will always draw the short straw when it is a ride I don't want to go on.  Hello!?! - laying on your stomach and spinning around in circle.  Holy hurl.  Way to take one for the team honey.

We enjoyed a delicious catered lunch (courtesy of it being Alan's firm family day). We enjoyed waiting out a quick and intense downpour and really enjoyed the nearly empty park after the storm cloud passed and having access to every ride with no lines.

After the up's and down's we have experienced with Bridger the past few weeks, it was wonderful to have a little taste of some summer fun.