August 11, 2015

Always on our Minds

My road trip across country filled many primary practical purposes, but also included a secondary benefit which was to allow the other four children to have a breather from the daily demands of their brother.  I didn't share with them this secondary benefit, but nonetheless, Eliza would go around telling everyone, including strangers, "we just needed a break from Bridger."

This showed me that Eliza likely needed a break from Bridger.

Even physically distancing ourselves from him by thousands of miles, however, he is always on our minds.

Jackson Hole has a way of making sure of that.

Can you see through my bug splattered windshield?

We were especially sad that he did not understand why we were away and the concept of time to know when we would return.  When we would talk to him on the phone he would just start softly crying.  I am so grateful he had Alan and a loving caregiver to help try to fill the hole in his heart caused by our absence.

Sign or no sign, Bridger always holds a place in our hearts.