August 13, 2015

Playing Tourist

A highlight of our trip was the VIP tour the kids and I took at BYU.  With BYU being the alma mater of both my husband and myself, we hope our children follow in our footsteps.  We thought showing them some fun elements of campus could help point them that direction.

We started our tour at the BYU Broadcasting center.

But, really, it turned into a tour of the set of Studio C.  Studio C is a television show broadcast by BYUtv and could be compared to a very clean version of Saturday Night Live -- or so I am told.  I have actually never seen it but it is the favorite show to watch by all of my kids.  A backstage tour and seeing all of the props and sets and a glossy autographed pic made for the coolest day of their life.

After the Studio C tour, we had a tour of the campus which included a tour of the student disability center.  It is amazing to see how technology and resources can be a matter of making education, and consequent meaningful employment, possible to students.  So inspiring.  We purchased hoodies and hats and such and headed over to Brick Oven where we enjoyed a fun lunch with their famous homemade rootbeer with our sweet tour guide.  I'm sure she was impressed with Eliza's burping skills.

Following lunch, we headed up for a tour of the BYU football facilities.  The kids and I were introduced to the person that would lead us through our tour.  I shook his hand and introduced our family to him.  He seemed nice.  Another man came down to join him as a co-tour guide.  He seemed nice too.  They talked about the different pieces of sports memorabilia they had on display. . . including the first man's BYU and subsequent NFL jerseys. . . and the second man's BYU's national football championship trophy he won in 1984. . . 

Oh, hello nice men.  HELLO Chad Lewis from the Philadelphia Eagles and Robbie Bosco from the Green Bay Packers! {insert palm smack to the forehead} I think I probably was supposed to know who they were and gawk and start taking lots of pictures and quoting their football stats!  They were both quite lovely and unfazed by my ignorance.  

Yes, thoroughly embarrassed my husband by my ignorance when I told him of our adventure that day.

The kids and I enjoyed a fun tour with them as they took us through the different exercise facilities.  Lance got to strut through the locker room with Chad and they greeted other former BYU now NFL players working out there before their respective NFL pre-seasons started.  Lance even enjoyed hanging out in the office of the head coach for BYU, Bronco Mendenhall. 

The kids all agreed, this was an incredible day.  I hope I have four future Cougars trotting in front of me. . .

Not hurrying that process though.  They are very much still cubs.