August 31, 2015

Here I Sit

So here I sit.

I am counting down the final five minutes until they return.  Savoring them, actually, as I sip on my very belated lunch of tomato basil orzo soup and some fresh sourdough bread -- my treat to myself today to mark the occasion.

All 5 children were gone today -- for the whole day.

This is a monumental day.

It is a day that I have been looking forward to and dreading at the same time for the past 14 years.

When I had 4 children under 5 at home with me and not a one of them in school, I couldn't imagine what this day would feel like.

When they started trickling one by one into elementary school I realized that this moment might come too soon.

So here I sit, with very mixed emotions.  Do I dance with giddiness? Do I cry and wipe my eyes with my apron strings?

It is a weird feeling.  One that I processed today as I scrubbed bathrooms, did laundry, made the menus for the week, went grocery shopping, took flowers to a friend and received the delivery of Bridger's ginormous new shower/potty chair pictured above (actually called my equipment dealer because I was sure that it was way too big.  Nope, right size.  He apparently has grown, again.)

Hugged each one tight as I sent them off today onto their 2 buses.  TWO!  After having 4 buses and 8 different bus times at one point the new consolidated schedule will be downright dreamy.

Love those kids  and I loved having them home with me all summer.

And I just discovered today, that I also really love them a lot when they are at school all day.  My kitchen loved it, too.  Somehow it stayed clean all day.  

Funny correlation.