January 08, 2016

His Humor

I'm quite enjoying this age of 14.

Lance is growing into a wonderful young man with a sense of humor that Alan and I find amusing.

I'm not sure I could say that his sisters fully appreciate that sense of humor yet.

The latest:

We welcomed a new member to our family over Christmas.

Her name is Gigi.

It was a Christmas gift for Sadie.  Gigi is a beauty school mannequin head made with real human hair so Sadie can use her curling irons, straighteners, crimpers and curlers and style to her hearts content.  Sadie has a great love for doing fun hairstyles.  She watches hundreds of the Youtube videos and has all of the hair apps and makes the most amazing braids and styles on her doll's hair.  She was so excited for the mannequin head and immediately disappeared with it Christmas afternoon to go style her for hours.

All of us, including Sadie to some extent, are somewhat creeped out by it.  Real hair. . . someone else's real hair -- kind-of grosses me out.  I know it is washed and sanitized, but still.  Then there are her eyes -- we all agree that her eyes follow us wherever we go.

Lance, true to his 14 year old sense of humor, decided to have some fun with Gigi at the expense of his sisters.

Evie and Sadie went into their room one night to find this. . .

A human form lying tucked in nice and cozy in Sadie's bed.

It was Gigi.

Eva and Sadie were baffled as to how she got there.

Eliza had been at work with Alan all day, I had laid in bed all day recovering, it couldn't have been Bridger and Lance was acting just as surprised about the find as his sisters were -- an act of surprise that his sisters believed to be genuine. {oh, those sweetly naive girls}

I suggested to them that maybe Gigi was possessed -- and somehow, to Sadie, that became a completely logical explanation and she wouldn't touch Gigi for days.

Finally, Lance confessed of his doings and all is happy again in the hair world.

His teenager humor, I love it.