March 31, 2016

5 Dollar Solutions

In the land of Special, solutions usually come at a steep price.  The problems we are trying to solve though, are usually so complex and life hindering that you will pay any price for a possible solution.  Those solutions are found in Special catalogs of equipment and devices where you can guess the price you think it should cost, add 2 zero's to your guess, and then you will be correct.

Once in a while, my brain sees a solution in the ordinary.

This time, my brain found the solution in the pirate section of the toy store at Disney Springs.

Problem:  I need to push a wheelchair, that takes two hands.  Eliza loves to wander, which is usually not a problem in our every day crowds to keep an eye on, but this was Disney.  Eliza would rather jump in the lake of goose sludge than hold her sibling's hands.

Solution:  Rubber chain and handcuff.

My heart took a leap after 2 seconds of staring at that for the solution that lie within its pirate play intentions.

I hooked one side onto Bridger's wheelchair.  The chain extended just far enough that Eliza's toes wouldn't be run over by the wheelchair and gave her a little loop to put her arm through so she didn't have to even remember to hold onto something -- which, when you are enticed by a store we are walking by, is apparently hard to remember that you are to keep ahold.

She felt tied to us on her own terms.  I kept her attached to me through the crowds.  We used it all through Disney Springs and the Magic Kingdom.


Problem solved.

For less than $5.