March 30, 2016


Our entire mission for the day was to be leisure and just enjoy the moment we were in.  

Our goal was to feel carefree.

First order of the day was to leisurely stroll Disney's Boardwalk.  We perused the shops...

and saw all of the things I had no desire to buy.

And then found the one thing to purchase that we couldn't live without on this trip.

To the average shopper, this might look like a key chain. 

But no no no, this is no ordinary key chain.  THIS little green rubber thing is a CHEWY!

/chu wee/
soft object that can be munched and chewed in the mouth as needed to self sooth during times of an overly taxed sensory system.

We were embarking on a completely unstructured journey, with sounds, crowds, extra stimuli and such. We needed a Chewy - one in Bridger's favorite color and shape no less.

Bridger knew what to do with it and put it to immediate use.  Every time he was getting upset or anxious, he fingers nervously grabbed for his chewy which we had attached to the strap of the stroller (along with a half other brightly colored Mickey shaped keychains that he couldn't live without).

At the boardwalk with time on our side, we ferried over the boat dock.  Eliza cracks me up at her independence.  No fear of strangers, she confidently parked herself on the bench between two of them when space was limited in the wheelchair row where I was sitting with Bridger.

At the dock we decided to go on a family boat ride through the Disney channels.  I have never driven a boat and was a little concerned that that didn't concern the boat company. Did they see me look down for the gas pedal?  Wouldn't that have given them cause to worry?  Nope.  They threw a couple life jackets on the littles and gave me the keys and away we went.  Our bodies were soaking in the gorgeous weather.  Having just come from "snowy with a chance blizzard", this was the most pleasant shock to our systems.

Notice the Chewy in use?
 We jammed out to tunes, soaked up the sun and reveled in the feeling of being carefree.

Being carefree is a feeling that is not experienced very often in the life of Special, and is not a feeling I could put a price on.

But today's price was $9.95, precisely the cost of a Chewy.