March 20, 2016

Meanwhile, Back on the Homestead

Poor Alan.

He got the short end of the stick in my magnificently spontaneous plan.

His lot was to stay home and work.

However, an epic snow storm that shuts down D.C. doesn't lend itself to the kind of work he was left home to do.

He did another kind of work.

Hard, manual labor.


and more shoveling.

The original plan called for us going to Florida together.  We were supposed to leave the following week and drive down together as a family.  When I saw the storm coming and decided to skip town a week early, we knew that Alan couldn't take the extra time off of work.  So we found a one way plane ticket for him to use the next week and fly down and meet us.

That plan hinged on him being able to get out the back door. . .