April 26, 2016

Tut Tut it Looks Like Rain

Our family became reunited once again on our final Orlando day with the arrival of Alan.  He ferociously shoveled for hours to get out of this. . .

to get here. . .

The kids and I settled into the Contemporary Resort and eagerly prepared an arrival party for him and welcomed him to our wild adventure.

Now we were to begin the vacation plan that we had intended from the start - before the snow storm made me resort to super spontaneous Plan B.

With Alan's arrival came the arrival of rain.  The clouds hung over us at Magic Kingdom all day and refused to blow over.  We didn't let that stop our fun.

We started the day extra early for a well-timed breakfast reservation at Belle's Castle before the park opened.  We timed it so that we would be leaving the restaurant about 30 minutes before they let in the general crowds, but started running the rides for us so we had a couple easy rides on the mine train coaster.  I love my brave 6-year old keeping her hands up the whole ride!

We repeated the whole process of moving the aforementioned 81 pound 55" rag doll -- but now he was cloaked in a slick super soaked poncho, which made the job even more difficult.  It was a relief to now have the Big Guns (in the form of Alan) doing the work for Lance and I!

Half way through our day, Bridger started having some seizures, so I headed over to our familiar stop at the First Aid center while Alan took off with the other 4 children to not let Bridger's medical needs stop their fun.  On the way there, in between seizures, Bridger was screaming for a balloon.  We waited in line and excitedly talked about which balloon he wanted to choose from the enormous bundle in the hand of the Disney worker. I went to purchase a balloon for him and realized I didn't have cash on me and they didn't take credit.  Oh. Snap.  They directed me towards Guest Services where they thought I could make a charge there for one.  Working against the clock for Bridger's need -- both those of his limited patience for a balloon and his medical needs that I needed to attend to, I raced (still in the pouring rain) to Guest Services and explained my situation and asked to place a charge or at least give them a promissory note or leave my license with them until I was reunited with my husband who had the cash to repay.  The kind Guest Services worker gave me a coupon for a free balloon and with the brightest smile, and wished Bridger a Magical Day.  When I told a very sad Bridger that the pink coupon was a ticket for his balloon, every muscle stiffened with joy and he let out an excited shout.  True to form, I started crying in gratitude.  Simple gesture.  A coupon for a balloon.  But for me it was everything at that moment.  Bridger chose his balloon and clung to it with utter delight as we made our way to the First Aid center where Bridger laid on the bed and I took care of his little body.  He let his body shut down (which it needs to do when this happens) and we spent the next 3 hours in the little room of that center.

I was sad thinking about the others having fun and my wish that we could be doing so as a family.  We haven't ever had a trip to the Magic Kingdom that hasn't included me spending at least a couple hours with Bridger in the First Aid center.  At the same time, I am so grateful to Disney for being so accommodating and assisting with our medical needs that allowed the fun day to continue for the rest of my family instead of us having to end our day.  They even had an adult size medium brief (aka Bridger diaper) that Bridger could use since I had left the spare in the backpack with Lance.

After several hours, Bridger and I exited and met up with the others, who, despite their ponchos, were soaked to the bone but smiling still.

We did a few more rides together, had a few more treats, jumped in a few more puddles and then called it a day as we checked Orlando off of our list and prepared for the fun that awaited us the next day.

Want a teeny hint??