May 05, 2016


Some things just go together.

Peanut butter and chocolate,

Road trips and Twizzlers,

Rainy days and fuzzy socks,

Peanut butter and chocolate.

And some things don't go together at all.

Drinking orange juice after you brush your teeth,

Shaving your legs and going in the ocean,

Children and Sharpie markers.

You know what else doesn't go together?

Wheelchairs and vomit.

Nope.  Not compatible in the least.

Our special life is 1 part wheelchair and 10 parts vomit, and they don't pair well.

Bridger is currently suffering from bad seasonal allergies from all of the beautiful blossoming greenery here in Virginia.  Unlike normal allergy sufferers that can sniff, blow their nose, cough or even hack a time or two, Bridger can't manage his secretions, and so he vomits.

I tried to count how many nooks and crannies, cracks and crevices his wheelchair has that vomit can find its way into.  I stopped counting at 156.

This morning's vomit led to an afternoon date for me with the power tools to disassemble Bridger's wheelchair to gain access to all those spaces to clean it.  After I finished with the disassembly, I put away the power tools and pulled out the best cleaning tool ever - the toothpick.  Reassembling the chair requires a PhD in Mechanical Engineering.  I consider myself lucky every time I can put it back together without any leftover parts.

I will likely have the same thrill tomorrow.

Time to wash my hands a half dozen times and end the evening with a big chocolate chip cookie and milk.

Because those pair together quite perfectly.