July 13, 2016

But then. . .

But then, after the tantrums dissolve, the scratches heal, the headache subsides, the muscles regain strength, the vomit is cleaned up, the scream-induced ringing in the ear fades. . .

after all of that, there is this...

This beautiful face and those eyes that plead to my soul.

"Help me," they say to me when I look at him.

But when I look even closer, they actually are saying, "Help me to help you."

Bridger is the one providing the help to me.

This face is helping me to learn humanity, to learn humility, to learn resilience, to learn refinement, to learn patience, to learn beauty, to learn wisdom, to learn perspective.

And that makes all of the things I spoke of in my last post worth it.

The things I last spoke of are all hard.  But hard doesn't mean bad.  Hard is just hard.

And we can do hard things.

The greatest challenge in all of this is Bridger's to bear, not mine.  And if he can do so with such courage, then so can I.