September 02, 2016

A Tale to Tell

My Friend has Special Needs, a book written by author of the Beamer Book series, Cindy Chambers, finally came out of publishing this spring. The Beamer books introduce difficult topics to children in a way they can understand.

This one is a story about us.  

It is a story about our life with a side of special.

The author met with our family and interviewed us several times over the course of a year and a half.  She caught our family in many highs, and she saw us in many lows.  I had no idea how this finished story was going to read and what thoughts we shared with her would stand out to her as the story formed in her mind.

She also highlighted Jill's House in her book, a not-for-profit respite lodge here in Virginia serving families with children with special needs.  It is Bridger's favorite place away from home and one of the most important gifts to us as we manage and attempt to thrive in our special life.  Proceeds from her book benefit Jill's House.

What makes this book so important to me is seeing the impact it had on my children.  They loved answering the questions the author asked about their life.  They loved having themselves drawn into illustrations and placed as characters in a story about their life, citing actual events and occurrences.  But also knowing that their life was so wonderful and special, that it was worthy to write a book about, boosted their confidence in their own special journey.

Especially boosted was Eva's confidence.  Eva is our little poet that, for years, has laid in her bed before she falls asleep and writes poems.  A poem she wrote a few years ago about Bridger was put as the introduction page in the book.  With the printing of the book, she became a published author.

The Tell Me Town Foundation that creates the Beamer books had an awards ceremony and our family was honored.  We received the Special Needs Education Award.

And sweet and shy little Eva received the Tell Me Town Poetry Award.  Eva has since been asked to write another poem for a Beamer book that came out of publishing in June.

We ended the evening with a celebration with the author, the Jill's House family and all of the doctors, educators,  notable guests and many other amazing people that were included in the writing of the book.  We are so grateful for the opportunity we had to share a little piece of us in the book to help others, children and adults alike, know how to help and respect people with special needs and their families.

It is a sweet little piece of our tale to tell.

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