September 06, 2016

Second Honeymoon

A highlight of the early summer was Alan and I enjoying a vacation together.

We took an anniversary trip back to where it all began, Cancun, Mexico.

As poor little newlyweds, with Alan in law school and me working 60 hour weeks being the sugar momma to support us and get him through law school, our honeymoon felt extravagant to us.

When I look at that picture from back then I see carefree, naive and two kids full of hope.

To celebrate our 18 year anniversary we took our not-so simple lifestyle back to where it all began.  A wonderful friend took care of the homefront so we could escape without the small army and 400 worries that would normally accompany any attempt to get away.

When I look at that picture snapped as we took off, I see tired, weighted and anything but naive people - that still have lots of hope. The main difference I see between those pictures is our eyes.  Our eyes have so much more to say to me in the latter picture, because our eyes have seen and know so much more.  And for that reason, it is my favorite of the two.

This trip came with a different energy level than our first.  We laid under our cabana from sun up to sun down reading and dozing.  We lounged in the infinity pool and reflected on the unexpected twists and turns of the past 18 years and how we wouldn't have wished our lives to have gone in any direction but the one that they have.

Apparently I thought my daily dose of guac and chips was important enough to capture in a photo

We laughed at memories of our the first honeymoon - how we scrimped and pinched our pennies by only eating 1 or 2 meals a day and sharing only one meal between us each time we ate.  This time we ate guacamole at every meal, ordered whatever snacks we wanted to our umbrella and finished our afternoons with a cup of delicious gelato from the gift shop - which we shared, by choice.  I enjoyed a couple hours in the spa every day and had every muscle knot from lifting a heavy wheelchair and a heavier boy worked out.  I learned how to say all of the key massage and facial language in Spanish.

Alan laid under the umbrella and read Wright's Law - a nice page turner about Special Education law in preparation for part deux of our ugly IEP pending upon our return -- because Special parents really don't ever get to truly relax.

In a life that has special making demands of your mind, body and time 24/7, it was nice to be off the special clock.  Enjoy the moment, together, and celebrate - which included some anniversary fireworks on top of our dessert at dinner.  I am pretty sure that would be completely illegal in the US.

Compared to those two naive young kids 18 years ago, we look tired and worn out.  But we have, together, accumulated more love and understanding than we ever could have imagined.  I am so grateful that we are in this journey together.  We are taking the twists and turns one step at a time - sometimes Alan and I have to jump into unknowns with both feet, and other times we are taking baby steps.  But for a few days, it felt great to give our feet a little rest from stepping.

Cheers to 18, Alan!