September 03, 2016

Tea for Three

More like tea for six -- if you count all of the stuffed guests.

Ty is a service dog to Bridger.  He greets him off the bus every afternoon, he takes off his stinky socks, he picks up what he drops and brings the object back to his lap, he serves as the easel for his ipad, he opens doors and closes drawers. . . 

and he attends Bridger's tea parties.

Very serious work indeed.

He is a very polite guest.  He patiently waits for everyone to be served and only eats his plate of fingers sandwiches and crumpets Cheerios upon Bridger's command.

Now if he would only learn to stick his pinky finger up as he laps his water up from his cup.  Sheesh. His manners! Was he raised in a barn?