January 11, 2017

Because I Knew You

In Evie's Santa Ball (santa ball post to come later this week) was wrapped a ticket to Wicked.  I had taken Sadie earlier last year to see it on Broadway in NYC and was more than happy to take Evie when it hit the Kennedy Center here in DC.

A group of girlfriends and I had planned it months ago and we were excited to finally make a day of it with the show followed by dinner.

It was post-Christmas.  It was one of those periods that are marked for reflection as the near year looms.

Any reflection is further enhanced as one does so listening to the song, For Good.  I could listen to that song a hundred times and each time have a new unique memory of a friend that has changed me.  I was grateful to be with those friends in the theater.  The ways they have touched my life by their examples, acts and beautiful personality traits came flooding to my mind as the song, For Good, was sung.  

photo courtesy of one of the girls:)

A most positively powerful way I enjoy spending a minute or two of my day is to think of people - both 
friends that have been in my life for some time, or even people that I have intersected with, that enter that common crossing as stranger but at the completion of the passing are called Friend, and identify the change they have caused in my life for the good.

In life with a side of Special, I have come to have a deep appreciation of people.  I am grateful for the ones that have been in my circles for 30+ years, and I am equally grateful to the ones that I cross paths with but for a few months.  I am grateful for the beautiful etchings they have made on my mind and heart.

I am grateful to the many of whom in my life I can say the beautiful and inspiring claim that,

"Because I knew you...
I have been changed for good."