June 26, 2017


We unanimously agree that our favorite day of the cruise was our day on Disney's island, Castaway Cay.

We came off the ship bright and early for the older three kids to start the day by running the Castaway Cay 5k.

Sadie now recommends not stuffing yourself with bacon from the breakfast buffet prior to racing.   Live and learn.

One little upgrade we decided to splurge on was our own private cabana on Castaway Cay.  Of the handful of cabanas they offer, Disney has one accessible cabana.  We were so excited to secure it.

Worth EVERY penny.  I credit our cabana for making this the best day ever.

We left the crowds and entered a gate leading to a private beach and meandered down a little path to find our welcome,

This little hut away from the crowds of the cruise, with a stocked fridge, cool wet towels, beach toys and an cabana host was to be all ours for the entire day.

We enjoyed the hammocks, the lounge chairs, the music. . . it was sheer bliss!

We love LOVE love Disney's beach because of the beach wheelchairs they provide!  We have a beach wheelchair at home (our favorite piece of equipment EVER) that we enjoy using at beaches close to our home.  But with all the equipment required to vacation anywhere beyond our immediate area, there is not room in the van for the beach wheelchair.  I am so grateful for Disney's beach wheelchair which makes this the only tropical port of call that we can enjoy.

This cabana was also magical to us, not only for the obvious, but because Bridger cannot tolerate the sun very well.  Sun and heat induce seizures for him and beach time for the other children has always been cut short due to their brother's health risk - including on our last cruise.

When Bridger's system is overwhelmed by the sun and heat, he does what we refer to as his "shut down".  Which is literally just that.  It is a protective measure, but in the heat and sun it is his protocol prior to a seizure.  However, when he is pulled out of those elements and shuts down in the cool shade, during that protected time he can reset his body and then awaken to continue for several hours more play time.

His shut down and seizures (both threat of or actual) will make the fun for the rest of us come to a screeching halt and we will have to abort mission and end our day no matter how much of it there was left to enjoy.  But his shut down time in the comfort and protection of the cabana allowed for continued relaxing and fun time for the rest of us.

Shutting down:

Then up again and ready for water time!

The cabana was also delightful for the privacy factor.  Having to keep Bridger out of crowds for the past 10 years has made me a bit crowd-a-phobic as well.

With the cabana came a private beach with a guard standing there to keep everyone off. 

Let's do the side by side comparison:




We lingered long - tubing, snorkeling and napping, until the last moments before the final boarding call to return to the ship.  

We thoroughly enjoyed our own little Gilligan's Island for the day.

Favorite vacation day ever.  Pure bliss under a palm thatched roof.